• Mission Statement
    The mission of Lacey Township High School, a school community built on strong values and lasting tradition, is to ensure a customized learning experience designed to fortify students with resiliency, compassion, and a commitment to lifelong learning in the ever-changing world.

    At LTHS, We believe that
    All students can achieve at high levels.
    Families, students, and educators share the responsibility for student success.
    High expectations inspire high performances.
    All staff share the responsibility for a safe and supportive school environment that supports excellence in education.
    The support of everyone in our community is essential to the success of our schools and students - and this success enriches our school community.
    Continuous improvement in teaching, learning, leadership, and accountability is a critical driver to our success.

    Lacey Township High School
    Profile of a Graduate
    All students will graduate demonstrating P.R.I.D.E.

    Students will graduate with the ability to achieve goals they have set for themselves and to overcome challenges, failures, and adversity.  Students will recognize the relationship between a strong work ethic and future successes.

    Students will graduate with the understanding that responsibility occurs when individuals take an active role in their learning and hold themselves accountable for their actions. Students demonstrate responsibility by making choices and taking actions that lead them toward their educational and personal goals.  Taking accountability for one's actions will lead to turning all experiences into opportunities for growth.

    Interpersonal Skills
    Students will graduate with effective written and oral communication skills as demonstrated by their ability to collaborate with others, articulate their thoughts in a purposeful manner, and respect another’s opinions. Gaining the ability to empathize with perspectives and beliefs other than their own will enable students to make positive contributions locally and globally.

    Dedication to Society
    Students will graduate with an understanding of societal rights and responsibilities in order to be civically engaged citizens. Involvement in projects to better the school, community, and the world at large will instill in them the desire to continue these pursuits for years to come.

    Excellence in Education
    Students will be prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century workplace as lifelong learners.