• The Lacey Township ESL program
    The Lacey Township ESL program is under the guidance of
    District Supervisor Michelle Amos  (609-971-2000 ext 1018).
    Our mission is to prepare all students to be independent life-long learners, who will become productive and successful citizens. We believe that it is the responsibility of the Lacey Township School District to provide educational opportunities for every student in accordance with his/her needs, interests, and abilities. We shall promote a healthy and stimulating learning environment and encourage community involvement.
    We recognize the vast differences that exist between and among individual students in aptitudes, abilities, interests, goals, needs, and purposes in life. It is our belief that this school district must offer a comprehensive program of learning in order to meet and satisfy the established goals.

    We will assist our students as they learn English and assimilate into American culture. We will encourage our students to maintain their cultural heritage while sharing this with others. We further believe that exposing people to the diversity of society results in learning and understanding.