• The Leadership Academy of Humanities (LAH)

    The Leadership Academy of Humanities (LAH) seeks to create everyday leaders. This academy supports excellence in education through a diverse, dynamic, and student-centered academic environment that emphasizes engaged learning. Students develop and apply knowledge through multiple disciplinary perspectives: historical and theoretical inquiry, critical analysis, creative cultural examination, and quantitative and qualitative research. Its students, in close collaboration with faculty and staff, develop specialized knowledge, rigorous critical thinking, clear and effective writing, the habits of lifelong learning, and the ability to understand and interpret the cultures of the world.

    For their freshman and sophomore years, selected students take their ELA, History, and Leadership Core Elective classes as a cohort in order to build teamwork, leadership, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the humanities.

    For their junior and senior years, students will have the option of taking a variety of AP classes or seek an associate’s degree through the Lacey Township High School College Academy.  Depending on the path they take, they can earn between 18 and 65 college credits.

    Students who complete the Leadership Academy of Humanities program will also receive special honors at graduation.  

    For more information about the Leadership Academy of Humanities, please contact Tim Dowd at tdowd@laceyschools.org