Degrees and Certifications:

Luke Moynihan - Class of 2018

Lacey High School shaped who I am today. Sports had the biggest impact on me. I played soccer and I was a wrestler. While both of these sports are unique in their own ways, they taught me how to be a leader, a friend, a hard worker, taught me how to sacrifice and go that extra mile for myself or my teammates and gave me character. These are skills that I use in my everyday life even if they are being utilized subconsciously.

I graduated in 2018 and attended Elizabethtown College where I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science. I also continued to wrestle at Elizabethtown College and would not have attended that school if it was not for Lacey Township’s wrestling program. Throughout college, I completed multiple internships. This 'class, after class work, and wrestling schedule' work-life balance paralleled my challenging class schedule and homework in high school in the middle of wrestling season.

Subsequently, after graduating, I started my career as a data engineer at Aretove Technologies and have been working there since. Lacey Twp. gave me a steadfast foundation in terms of out working what you think you can even do to conquer and overshoot my goals. Without going through the Lion's den every day, without being sculpted by the Lacey Lion lifestyle, I would not be in the position I am today.