Degrees and Certifications:

John Moynihan - Class of 2013

I  played soccer and wrestled for Lacey High School from 2009 – 2013. This proved to be a great opportunity to grow personally and form lasting relationships with both my peers and coaches. These sports programs provide an opportunity to hone my body and mind to shape the person I have become. Although I did not take advantage of Lacey High School for its academics and attended the County Vocational School MATES, still being able to play sports made all the difference. I was able to nurture the relationships I had built while living in Lacey Township since Pre-k and help me maintain a sense of community.  These programs afforded me the confidence to wrestle for my college team, Stevens Institute of Technology, from 2013-2016. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and have since worked for the Department of Defense as a mechanical engineer and program manager. I truly believe that having the opportunity to utilize the sports programs at Lacey gave me the confidence I still carry with me today to strive to better myself and always work towards my next goal.