• CLASS OF 2007 Michael Adamski, Jr.
    ➢ Lacey High School graduate Michael Adamski, Jr., U.S. Navy - graduated from Annapolis in 2011. He
    is currently at Naval Graduate School in Monterey, California, completing his Master’s Degree in
    Oceanography. He is a Lt. Commander and will be assigned to a large carrier group in December as
    Oceanography/Meteorology Officer. Congrats to the Adamski family. Mike is married and has 2 sons.

    CLASS OF 2011 Michael Martenak
    ➢ Lacey High School graduate Michael Martenak, U.S. Navy - he was commissioned as an Ensign on
    November 2019 and is currently serving as an Intelligence Officer, with Strike Fighter Squadron 83,
    assigned to CVN-69 - aircraft carrier, the USS Eisenhower.

    CLASS OF 2013 Matthew Moeller
    ➢ Lacey High School graduate Matthew Moeller, U.S. Navy - is a surface warfare officer with the U.S.
    Navy. Just promoted to Lt. on June 2, 2021, he is currently stationed at Naval Base Bahrain as the
    navigation officer aboard PC-9, USS Chinook - a patrol craft. Matthew and his wife Krista reside in

    CLASS OF 2015 Kevin Tranz
    ➢ Lacey High School graduate Kevin Tranz, U.S. Marines - Kevin is currently the acting Easy Company
    Weapons Platoon, Platoon Sergeant and preparing for his 3rd deployment. Kevin is due to complete his
    military commitment in 2022 at which time he plans on returning to his hometown of Lacey Township.

    CLASS OF 2015 Matthew Lemke
    ➢ Lacey High School graduate Matthew Lemke, U.S. Navy - Matthew is now a veteran of the U.S. Navy.
    He completed 4 years as an Aviation Machinist’s Mate, E-4 and is now finishing his Bachelor’s degree
    at TCNJ in History.

    CLASS OF 2017 Ronald Donohue
    ➢ Lacey High School graduate Ronald Donohue, U.S. Navy - Ronald is currently stationed in Japan with
    the SeaBees Mobile Construction Battalion 4 of the U.S. Navy. Ronnie’s current rank is Construction
    Mechanic E-3 and he is due back stateside to San Diego this summer!