• Lacey Township School District
    Staff Member of the Month

    The Lacey Township School District Board of Education recognizes that teachers and support staff play an integral role in creating an environment of academic excellence that is both safe and supportive for the students of the Lacey Township School District.

    In an effort to honor and recognize the dedication and hard work of our teachers and support staff, we have developed the LTSD Staff Member of the Month Program. These outstanding individuals will be recognized monthly for their efforts in making the Lacey Township School District an outstanding school district.

    The LTSD Staff Member of the Month Program will recognize two staff members each month during the school year. Eligible staff members will include Teachers, Media Specialists, Nurses, Guidance Counselors/SACs, Secretaries, Transportation Staff and Bus Drivers, Custodians, Para Professionals, Health Office Clerical Assistants, Duty Aides, Technology Staff, Grounds Maintenance Workers, Cafeteria/Food Service Workers, Child Study Team Members, and Security Personnel. 


    The Lacey Township Board of Education has established the following criteria for staff members to be nominated and selected:

    Enthusiasm - Enthusiastically supports the Lacey Township School District’s vision of a Tradition of Pride and a Tradition of Excellence. 

    Leadership – Engages in practices that encourage and advance students and other staff members to be the best version of themselves. 

    Integrity - Demonstrates behavior that assists students or other staff in achieving success and works as a team player in fulfilling job responsibilities.

    Dedication - Contributes to the Lacey Township School District’s “above and beyond” expectations of his or her job responsibilities. 

    Motivation – Demonstrates the ability to motivate and encourage students and other staff members to advance past their expectations both academically and socially.

    The LTSD Staff Member of the Month Program will be nominated by the school community and selected by an ad-hoc committee appointed by the Board of Education. The committee will be comprised of two (2) Board of Education Members, two (2) administrators, two (2) parents, and the Superintendent or designee. 

    All eligible staff members shall only be selected as the LTSD Staff Member of the Month one time during the school year. 


    1. Nominations will be accepted until the first of each month for announcement at the Board Meeting of that Month (i.e. Nomination received by October 1st; announcement made at the October Board Meeting. 

    2. Members of the school community will nominate eligible staff by submitting the LTSD Staff Member of the Month Nomination Form

    3. The LTSD Staff Member of the Month ad-hoc committee will meet the first Wednesday of each month to review and select candidates to be announced at the subsequent Board Meeting.