• Health Office 971-2080 ext. 7010

    School Nurse Gemma Ward

    Parents are encouraged to keep their children home for 24 hours and to consult with a physician if the child has any of the following: open or wet sores, bare spots on scalp, sore throat, fever, suspicious rash, diarrhea, vomiting, ear ache, persistent cough and/or temperatures (100 degrees or more.)

    If your child will be absent, please call 971-2080 ext.7010 before 9:00 AM.

    If the absence is due to a contagious disease, you must bring a doctor's note when returning to school.  No need to request homework as the teacher should automatically take care of it as you will have filled out a "Homework Buddy" sheet at the beginning of the year.  Homework will either be sent home with the designated Buddy or it can be picked up at the main office.  All students with pediculosis [nits], ringworm, scabies, or conjunctivitis, shall be excluded from school and may return after examination by the school nurse or upon receipt of a doctors' certificate.  Students with these indications should not ride the bus until they are properly cleared.

    All written excuses from Gym for more than 3 days must be from a physician.
    Parent/Guardian notes can be written for 1-3 days only.

    Vision Screening in K, 2nd & 4th Grades
    Hearing, Height & Weight, Blood Pressure Yearly

    The nurse is available for first aid and for conferences with the parents and teachers concerning the child's health problems.

    New Jersey State Sanitary Code - Immunization of Pupils, Chapter 14, requires as of December 2000 that all children in New Jersey schools have the following immunizations:

    • DTP Series plus booster after age four
    • Oral Polio - Series booster
    • Measles vaccine after age one/plus booster
    • Rubella vaccine (German Measles) after age one/plus booster dose
    • Mumps vaccine after age one/plus booster dose
    • Hepatitis B - Series (3) 
    • Varicella - Vaccine after age one

    All children enrolled in preschool programs will be required to receive an annual influenza vaccination and a pneumococcal vaccine.

    Written verification of physical exam for any child entering school.


    The prevention of the spread of communicable diseases among children calls for cooperation between the home and the school.  Please notify the school nurse if your child has a communicable disease.  The rules and regulations of communicable diseases are taken from the New Jersey Department of Health, Communicable Diseases, Circular #191.

    If it is necessary for a child to take ANY medicine in school (prescription or over the counter medication), the following procedures must be observed.

    1.  A written document from the doctor stating: 
         a. The diagnosis. 
         b. Name of medicine. 
         c. Dosage, frequency, and time medication is to be administered.

    2.  A letter from the parent requesting that the medication be given as directed by the doctor.

    3.  The medication must be brought to school by the PARENT/GUARDIAN and kept in the nurse's office in the original pharmaceutical container.

    Please notify the School Nurse of any existing medical problems. We expect the child to be sent to school prepared for the days activities, well rested, properly nourished and free from symptoms of illness.

    All medical examinations for students previously performed by the school physician must now be done by the family doctor of the student.  Only when a student does not have a regular physician will the school physician perform the examination. 
    If you have already filled out the form that you will have physical by your own doctor, you can print out the form to bring to your doctor and then return it to the school nurse.