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Back to School Wish List (2020-2021)


Suggested:  Pencils, Jumbo Zipper Pencil Case (Boxes often break or spill), Heavy Duty Folders for Subjects (about 5), 2 inch binder, extra mask, hand sanitizer 


*All optional items listed are provided for shared classroom use, however if you wish to have your own personal items here are a few ideas.  

Optional:  Extra Pencils, Erasers, Scissors, Ruler, Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils, Highlighters, Scissors, Glue/Glue Stick, Ruler, Notebooks  


Class Donation Ideas:  Zip Lock Bags, Clorox wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Pencils, Post-it Notes, Colored Expo Markers, Highlighters, Tissues, Fabric Paint, Colored Chalk, Teacher Pay Teacher credits for supplemental materials (TPT Class Donation Page)


Masks:  Please be sure to send in extra in case something may happen to your child's.  Lanyards are great ways to keep the mask safe when they are permitted to remove them.