• College Planning Calendar and Checklist

    Planning and preparation are essential components to accomplishing one’s goals. While there is not any one way to approach the tasks needed to prepare for life after high school, the school counselors believe there are certain tasks that, when completed, will put a student on a path for success.

    The following is a timeline of tasks, activities and events.  Use the following as a guide and as a prompt for discussion with your school counselor.

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    College Planning Checklist for Grades 9 – 12

    The intent of this checklist is to provide students and their parents/guardians with a list of tasks and ideas that will help organize the college planning process. The grade levels listed in each section are guidelines. Some students may choose to start earlier. This list is intended as a starting point, but should be customized based on the specific requirements of your college search.

     9th Grade

    ❏  Be certain you are enrolled in appropriate college-preparatory courses. Establish strong study habits and time management techniques.

    ❏ Complete all homework assignments thoroughly.

    ❏ Keep a clean and organized backpack and locker.

    ❏ Expand your reading proficiency through daily reading of online newspapers, magazines, and books.

    ❏ Work to enhance your writing abilities and vocabulary proficiency.

    ❏ Earn strong grades. Freshman year counts in establishing your final grade point average.

    ❏ Meet with your counselor regularly to discuss your progress and to plan your sophomore schedule.

    ❏ Consider “stepping up” to Honors classes if your abilities permit. Take the most challenging classes that you can handle.

    ❏ Get involved!!  Find your passion through community service projects, volunteer activities, extracurricular clubs or sports.  Most colleges prefer to see a long-term commitment to a few activities instead of a long list of activities. Keep track of the activities and the hours!

    ❏ Think about your interests and how they might translate into future career options.

    ❏ Consider a meaningful summer experience/employment, volunteer opportunity, travel, or enrichment class.

    ❏ Naviance:  Counselors will introduce Naviance and all the benefits it has to helping you with career and college exploration.

    • Create Game Plan on Naviance.
    • Complete Learning Style Inventory and Career Clusters.
    • Counselors will send grade-level emails to students as needed.

    ❏ Review college athletic eligibility rules at NCAAClearinghouse.org, if applicable.

    Review your transcript every summer to verify the accuracy of grades, GPA, and activities.

    Ensure that your four-year high school academic plan will meet college entrance requirements (number of years suggested for each academic area) for the type of college you are considering. 

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    SAT Question of the Day

    *PSATs will be administered as Sophomores & Juniors

    *SAT/ACT tests will be taken during Junior year.

    Word of the Day definitions

    Keep a list of books and authors you read, including required school reading and those you read on your own since some colleges request this information on their applications or essays

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