• Study Island is a completely web-based assessment program that helps prepare students for the NJ Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) and the Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment (GEPA).  It provides teachers with valuable diagnostic tools and information which enable them to better prepare students for the state tests.  The more time students spend practicing with the Study Island program, the better they will understand the material for their grade level.  Students can access Study Island from school, home, or from any computer that is connected to the internet.

    The program is divided into sections based on subject (math, reading, etc.). Each section is made up of 10 to 25 topics. Each topic contains about 20 to 25 questions with explainations. All topics are accompanied by a lesson, which includes some brief information about the material covered by questions in the topics. It is helpful to view the lesson before answering the questions in the topic.

    Follow the instructions below, in order to use the program.

    1. Go to www.studyisland.com
    2. Enter your username and password at the upper-left of the screen and click "login".
      Note:  Students will receive a username and password from their teacher at school.
    3. Click on the section tab (math, reading, etc.) that you wish to work on.
    4. Click the "pretest" in order to begin the pretest for the section.  You must complete 10 pretest questions before moving on to the topic in the section.
    5. Once you complete the "pretest," you may work through the remainder of the topics in any order you like.  You must "pass" all topics before taking the "post test".
    6. To pass a topic, you must satisfy the topic's passing requirements which are based on a minimum number of questions answered (usually 10) and a minimum percentage correct (around 70%).  A blue ribbon icon is displayed next to all passed topics.
    7. Once you have passed all topics in the section, you have to pass the "post test" for the section before the section is complete.  Ignore this step if the section has no "post test".
    8. When you pass all topics in all sections, you have completed the program and will be well prepared to take the state test.