• Mrs. Weber's Class

    Special Schedule


    Monday:           Gym

    Tuesday:          Music            

    Wednesday:      Gym and Tech Lab

    Thursday:         Art

    Friday:             Library





    Monday:          Math skills,   Reading  folder

    Tuesday:         Math skills,   Reading folder

    Wednesday:     Math skills,   Reading folder,  Letter of the week picture

    Thursday:        Math skills,   Reading folder

    Friday:             Enjoy your family and have a great weekend!


    Please remember to practice the sight words daily (recognizing, spelling, and to be able to use them in writing!). Enjoy reading with your child.  The process should be very enjoyable.  



  • Zero the Hero

     Supehero Boy Flying


    Zero the Hero, he's so cool!

    Zero the Hero, he comes to


    Zero the Hero, he holds his


    So no other number can take

    his space.



    Zero the Hero comes to

    school every ten days to help

    us learn how to count to 100!

    He also helps us with the

    concept of place value and

    skip counting.  We started

    on the very first day of






    Every Friday, two children are selected to take home Clifford or Flat Pete the Cat! As you entertain your very own special guests, please remember to take pictures of the special times shared over the weekend, The pictures and stories will create a wonderful kindergarten book for your child to always have!   The children have been coming to school super excited on Mondays because they love to share their pictures and tell what they did over the weekend.  Thanking you in advance for taking such good care of our kindergarten friends.


  • Mrs. Weber's Kindergarten




    Welcome to a very magical year in kindergarten!  I am looking forward to another wonderful learning experience this year.        

    Remember learning should be lots of fun!   

    Please begin to practice writing your First and last name.

    Show & Tell: Friday,

    We will have a Zero Hero day on every tenth day of school.  This will be a fun and engaging way for the children to learn how to skip count by tens! 

    ZERO HERO DAY!!  Please dress up in red, white & blue or wear your favorite hero shirt.

    Please read to your child every day or night.  Reading to your child will only enhance their education!.  Remember to ask lots of questions about the story.

    Also, your child will be learning lots of sight words and word families this year.   Please practice recognizing, reading and spelling them when they come home for practice.  Sight words to recognize, write and spell are:  I, a,, my, the, am, little, go ,like, see, to, can, look, where, what, up, down, are, they, said, come, you, who, one, two, there, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, red, blue, green , yellow, orange, brown, black, white, purple and pink. We will also be llearning lots of word families!  Ask your child to tell you about the vowels and their special sounds.  Ask your child if they have special vowels in their name.  Also ask them if they have any "vertical lines" or "horizontal lines" in their names.  Please help your child with their writing skills (practice in a journal, forming letters correctly)



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