• The Google Classroom codes for Art are:
    Mrs. N. Bentley - n5bki2h
    Mrs. Duff - l6lq2vx
    Mrs. Esposito - ne5dbee
    Mrs. Hughes - jzggxyo 
    Mrs. Silva - qhk5lae
    Mrs. Ientile - ubugvme
    Mrs. Keelen - czfvzml
    Ms. Maltese - wilapy3
    Mrs. McCulla - h3av24q
    Grade 1
    Mrs. Davies - naaptcg
    Miss Dynak - bj23mfv
    Mrs. Taylor - t7shhbl
    Mrs. Verge - 56ri6ro
    Grade 2
    Ms. Costa - b2jj7nr 
    Mrs. Hans - yca6ume 
    Mrs. Marcus - 6j7lsna
    Mrs. Meyler - 534wwpe
    Mrs. Ritacco - tgautej
    Grade 3
    Mrs. J. Bentley - ehqrdy7
    Mrs. Cook - sb6vmkd
    Mrs. Orlick - vjrs6gc
    Miss Stratton - dmrzoie
    Grade 4
    Mrs. Maria - pxn5lut
    Mrs. Martenak - ccfhzfa
    Mrs. Snover - nrnknca
    Mrs. Subokow - v6b5qrf

    Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
    -Pablo Picasso


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  • Students are asked to bring in a smock for art.Image

    The Art Curriculum covered at various grade levels includes painting, drawing, sculpture, weaving, and collage. The children are exposed to many artists and their styles. They also become familiar with art terms, such as landscape, cityscape, still life and portrait.

    Students are motivated to create problem-solving projects. Grading is based on the Students' projects, creativity, effort, and behavior. 

    There are a wide variety of art books available for reference and instruction for both teachers and students in the art room and school library.


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