Our class continues to make learning our top priority.  We come to school each day ready to do our best.

    We understand that education allows us to realize our dreams and create lives full of opportunity.

    Presently, we are acquainting ourselves with our new classmates and setting the standards that will guide our class throughout the year.

    Learning  needs to be a learned process that can be fun and rewarding!

  • Greetings from Mrs. Martenak

         My name is Karen Martenak.  I have been teaching in the Lanoka Harbor School since 1999.  I was first a substitute teacher and then became certified to teach at the elementary level.  In 2002 I began teaching third grade and remained in that grade level until the Fall of 2013 when I moved to fourth grade.  My philosophy of education is such that I believe that each child is unique in their abilities and personality.  Keeping this in mind, I try to work with each student in a manner that works best for them. 

          My educational background consists of a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts degree in Student Personnel Services from Trenton State College.  Prior to working in elementary education, I spent several years working in the Dean's of Students offices at Widener University, Jersey City State College and Rutgers College in New Brunswick.  My area of expertise was working with student organizations and developing leadership opportunities for students. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working in higher education!

         My husband and I met at Trenton State College.  My husband is a Mechanical Engineer who is employed at Lakehurst Naval Base.  I have one son who attended Lacey schools.  He currently attends The George Washington University in our nations capital, Washington, D.C.  He will graduate in May 2015 and hopes to attend graduate school for Sports Management.   He had a wonderful experience in the Lacey School sytem and was well prepared for the challenges posed at a major institution of higher learning. As a family we like to fish, travel and just spend time together enjoying each others company.

         If you need to reach me, my email address is kmartenak@laceyschools.org or I can be reached at 609-971-2090.  I look forward to meeting each of you.


  • Classroom News

    Multiplication Mastery


    Mrs. Martenak’s

    Specials Schedule 




    8:40 -9:20 Health


    9:22 - 10:02 Gym




    9:22 - 10:02 Music  




    9:22 - 10:02 Library




    8:40 -9:20  World Language


    9:22 - 10:02 Art (Smock needed)




    9:22 - 10:02 Gym

    11:50 - 12:20   Technology




    12:20 - 10:02




    12:50 -1:20


    Please be sure to wear appropriate footwear on gym days.









    On the Other Side of the Door


    Jeff Moss


    On the other side of the door


    I can be a different me,


    As smart and as brave and as funny or strong


    As a person could want to be.


    There’s nothing too hard for me to do,


    There’s no place I can’t explore


    Because everything can happen


    On the other side of the door.



    On the other side of the door


    I don’t have to go alone.


    If you come, too, we can sail tall ships


    And fly where the wind has flown.


    And wherever we go, it is almost sure


    We’ll find what we’re looking for


    Because everything can happen


    On the other side of the door.