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    Welcome to Mrs. Ziegler's Class


  • Mrs. Ziegler's PE classes are expected to be prepared for physical activity by wearing comfortable clothes, socks and sneakers with laces or velcro fasteners.  The students will be engaged in physical activities that promote life-long skills, respect and sportsmanship. 


    Mrs. Ziegler's Health classes are expected to be prepared for Health.  Students in grades 3 and 4 will be given folders to keep all of their work safe.  They are to have a writing tool for my class.  All students will be expected to have their desks clear of all distractions, including water bottles.  All students will be prepared to participate in class discussions and activities.


    Mrs. Ziegler's PE classes are: 

    4th grade - Ms. Morris, Mr. Carter, Ms. Forrest 

    3rd grade - Mrs. Papa, Mrs. Larson

    2nd grade - Mrs. McCue, Mrs. Di Gregorio

    1st grade - Mrs. Nally, Mrs. Boedigheimer, Mrs. Langan

    Kindergarten - Mrs. Knoeller, Mrs. Tsarnas, Mrs. Maltese

    Mrs. Ziegler's Health classes are: 

    All 4th grade classes, 3 Degnan, 3 Larson, 3 Casaletto, 1Nally, 1 Boedigheimer, 1 Newman