• Mrs. Leonard's Class

    Hi everyone…. 

    I hope you were able to pick up your child's folder, please e-mail me with any questions.  


    I will be available daily between 8 am -12pm if anyone needs anything.  


    I will check in daily via email with everyone, I miss everyone very much! 


    Please also check the district webpage with Social Studies and Science activities. 


    I will talk to everyone soon!!!

    Mrs. Leonard



    Playing games with your child is the perfect way to keep up on math and language skills:

    UNO, Gold Fish, Memory, Heads Up, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and the card game WAR are a few suggestions that can make learning fun at home!

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  • Lunch/Recess Schedule


    Lunch: 1:20-1:50 


    First Grade

    Lunch: 11:15-11:45

    Recess: 11:45-12:15

    Second Grade


    Recess: 12:50-1:20


  • Homework

     Please practice reading and writing sight words daily. Remember to bring your words to school each day!


    Spelling:    Spelling words will come home on Monday. Please return homework on by Friday. Remember to practice words daily for the test on Friday. 


    Reading with your child is a great way to see how much progress they have made.  It is also a way to help them with reading fluency and comprehension.  

    Asking your child questions while reading is a fun way to interact and help with comprehension. 

    What will happen next?

    Create questions to ask the author?

    How were the characters the same?

    How were they different?

    How woudl you change the ending?

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