• The Regional Professional Development Academy (RPDA) was established in 1998 and has grown from the
    original fourteen-member collaborative to its current membership of forty-four school districts and schools.
    Our focus is on providing high quality seminars promoting best practices professional development for
    educators and parents. Membership into the academy is open to all public school districts and non-public
    schools and Schools for the Disabled in Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The academy welcomes
    new and returning members each year in order to engage as many schools and school districts that wish to
    participate and to provide greater opportunity for professional development services to the member school

    The Academy continues to focus its efforts on providing quality workshops which address the needs of
    children with diverse abilities and has broadened its efforts to include children with needs in the general
    education program. Based on our Annual Needs Assessment Survey of the collaborative districts, staff
    identified their specific areas of need for training in addressing Autism, Behavior, Best Practices,
    Communication, Literacy, Mathematics, Mental Health and Social/Emotional Influences. In order to support
    the New Jersey Professional Development Standards of improved learning outcomes for students, the
    following statements represent the Academy’s goals and provide impetus for the planned activities:

    • To provide collaborative opportunities across district boundaries for effective professional development pertaining to educational programming.
    • To improve learning outcomes for non-traditional learners.
    • To utilize technology to support learning.
    • To increase the number of inclusive opportunities for learners with diverse abilities.