The school nurse provides emergency care for any accident and illness occurring AT SCHOOL

    Health Screenings  

    Health Services Provided

    • Height, weight and blood pressure/pulse yearly
    • Audiometric (Hearing) Screening and Scoliosis for 7th grade
    • Vision Screenings for 6th & 8th grade

    If a parent/guardian would like their child excused from mandatory screenings send in a written note at the beginning of the school year addressed to the nurse.  


    Parents are encouraged to cooperate with the School Nurse by:

    • Completing health history updates every year 
    • Updating emergency contact numbers
    • Carefully monitoring your child’s medical condition before returning them to school after an illness 




    • Medications are to be administered before and after school when possible.
    • Medication order forms are available on the health office website if medication (prescriptions and over the counter) needs to be administered during the school day.