• Weekly Fluency Practice 

    Students will read the selected passage assigned each week for fluency practice.  They will read the selection to see how far they can get in one minute.  They should be trying to implement proper pacing, speed, heading punctuation, reading clearly and smoothly for example.   This will be done a total of 3 times per night at 1 minute each pass.  After each read, please record the amount of words completed, deducting any errors or mistakes from the grand total of words per minute.  A general idea is fine and does not have to be perfectly scored.  The comprehension questions should be completed using complete, restated sentences with details.  The whole packet should be turned in on Friday.  Any questions, please ask and refer to the attached picture of directions and help with corrections and tips where you can.  Happy Reading!   

    What is Fluency? 

    Reading fluency is the ability to read accurately, smoothly and with expression.  Fluent readers recognize words automatically, without struggling over decoding issues.  They sound natural, as if they’re speaking.  Non-fluent readers read slowly and sound choppy. Fluency is important because it bridges between word recognition and  comprehension.  It allows students time to focus on what the text is saying.  They are able to make connections between what  they are reading and their own background knowledge. Therefore, they are able to concentrate on comprehension. On the other hand, non-fluent readers have to spend more time decoding,  leaving less time for comprehending  the text.  They will often have to read the same passage over several times to attain comprehension.

    Even when students recognize words automatically, they are not fluent if they don’t read with expression.  To read with expression a student should be able to divide a word into chunks, using proper phrasing.  Not paying attention to punctuation often changes the meaning of the text.