• Investigation 1:

    property: a characteristic of an object that can be observed such as size, color, shape, and texture


    mixture: two or more substances mixed together


    separate: to divide or take apart


    screen: a mesh-like tool used to separate mixtures by particle size


    transparent: clear; describes something through which you can see an image clearly


    filter: a fine mesh screen with holes that are so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye


    dissolve: the process of a substance becoming incorporated uniformly into another substance


    diatomaceous earth (powder): the skeletal remains of microscopic aquatic organisms (diatoms)


    solution: a mixture that is formed when one or more substances dissolve into another substance


    solute: a substance that dissolves into a solvent to form a solution (solid)


    solvent:a substance in which a solute dissolves to form a solution


    crystal: a natural form of a material that can often be identified by its properties, such as shape, color, and pattern.


    evaporation: the change of state from liquid to a gas


    engineer: scientist who designs ways to accomplish a goal or solve a problem


    criteria: a rule for evaluating or testing something


    constraint: a restriction or limitation


    Investigation 2: