• Homework/Classwork Policy:

    1. Homework that is not completed or handed in on time will receive reduced credit in the gradebook.
    2. Credit can be earned back if I complete it on the day it is due during recess or bring it back the following day completed. Otherwise the reduced grade stays in place in the gradebook. 
    3. If I am absent, I must hand in my homework within the number of days I was absent when I return. (Example: absent 2 days = 2 extra days to complete work). If it is not turned in, then the assignment will be marked as a “zero”.
    4. I understand that homework and classwork makes up 20% of my marking period grade, which means that it is an important part of my school work.
    5. If I have an emergency or important reason for not completing my homework, I will speak with Ms. Gatyas about it. Otherwise, I will give no excuses
    6. I will fill out a "missing homework" form. This is to be signed by the students' parent and returned to school for teacher record


    1. Test/Quizes that have a score of a D or below can be corrected for an averaged score of both earned grades, as long as it was not an opened notebook assessment and teacher approves.
    2. There will be a date on the Test/Quiz as to when it MUST be returned to receive a new earned score. If it is not handed in by the date, original score stays in gradebook. 
    3. Any Test/Quiz with a D or below  must come back with a guardians signature or it will be a phone call home. 


    Tests and Projects = 45% Quizzes = 35% Class Participation = 20%